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Future insights

The next biggest thing since bitcoin (but not really)


Anonymous owner who is not Craig Wright

Rare coins

Scarce principals applied, unlike Ripple.

Community driven

Our project is blindly dictated by a satanic community

Insane Mode

Lightning fast

Pied Piper Coin

PiedPiperCoin strives to achieve the true dream of a cryptocurrency user: Sitting in a Palapa, reading the Satanic bible, they look up to take a glance at their beautiful Tesla Roadster, a SpaceX rocket can be seen approaching the Moon in the distance.

Our team

Pied Piper


The Pied Piper, or ‘PP’ for short, has been in the blockchain space for a while. Growing up in a family of Satanists, he developed multipersonality disorder at the age of 10. His personalities are: Richard, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, Jared, Eurlich, Big Head and Jin-Yang. PP has lived through all the pumps and dumps, fake announcements and fake partnerships to know to not f*** this coin up. PP studied Psychology, Finance and Economics at an early age. Now PP is developing the coin to end all coins, the one true bit…shit I did not mean to go all Roger Ver here…uhh, PP is developing the coin to end all coins with the exception of Bitcoin ;)



The Stallion is PP’s right hand man. Known as “Dude I’m not funny, please stop asking me to be come up with a funny bio” man. He was coding since the age of six years old. He has coded on a few multi-billion dollar projects and created a coin of his own at an early age that once was in the top 100 marketcap. The Stallion now leads the technical direction of $PPI under the leadership of PP.

Our smart contract address

0x5a3c9a1725aa82690ee0 959c89abe96fd1b527ee

Pied Piper Coin

We got floaty things too.
We're just as legit as 99% of projects out there.


Q1 - 2018

Shilling hard on twitter, paying people to shill as well. Getting on to exchanges. Pumping our bags tremendously. Acquire more partnerships. Current partnerships include: Bitconnect, Charlie Lee, and Michael Suppo. Looking to partner with Satoshi Nakamoto, I heard his real name is Craig...lame.

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Q2 - 2018

Hire additional developers for Porking of $PPI. Release Tesla Timeframe. Revamp Website. Additional Exchange listings

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Q3 - 2018

Release two dApps (At minimum). Release Palapa Paper (Our version of Whitepaper). Hire two Octopipers. Recruitment of additional partners to build onchain. Initiate a marketing campaign. Acquire more exchange listings

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Q4 - 2018

Additional dApps built onchain. Acquire more strategic parternships. Receive additional exchange listings. Finish recruitment for Octopipers. Focus on Merchant adoption and build out PiperPay

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